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Cherry Blossom Cake

   My parents shared their first "I love you" in a foreign language: Japanese (Kimi o ai shiteru). So this year for my parents' anniversary, I decided to make a mini two-tier Sakura cherry blossom cake. This is definitely one of my favorite cakes that I have ever made and I'm still in awe over how beautiful and elegant it turned out! Many parts of the world, such as Japan, celebrate cherry blossom festivals as a staple of their culture and attract many tourists. They only bloom for a few weeks, however recently, blooming periods are gradually becoming more unpredictable in various places across the world due to Climate Change, making it harder for visitors to plan their trip to cherry blossom festivals in advance. Long term trends of earlier bloom seasons are a key indicator to the effects of Climate Change on seasonal patterns and ecosystems.  Sources:  Cherry Blossoms: A Sure Sign of Spring and Maybe Climate Change | The EPA Blog Cherry Blossoms’ Peak Bloom Is an In

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