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My Cookbook, Vegan Elevated

Growing up, one of my favorite memories was cooking with my family on long weekends and learning how simple raw ingredients could be transformed into something completely new and delicious. As I grew older, I became more involved in the process and gradually began experimenting with recipes on my own. When the lockdown first began in 2020, we stopped going out for dinner to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Although good food was a part of it, it was also about the experience – anticipating flavorful food styled to perfection with ambient lighting and soft music in the background. When my parents' anniversary came up, I wanted to recreate a restaurant experience for them in our dining room – I set up the table, designed a menu, cooked new recipes, styled every dish, and even printed a fake receipt. My parents really enjoyed that experience and encouraged me to continue experimenting with new recipes and food styling. This was the genesis for the recipes

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