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Customer reviews for custom cakes ordered from Sonali's Skillet.


Julie said…
Sonali amazed me both with her creativity and her attention to details. The cricket cake was delicious and delighted my son and his friends. Sonali is an absolute pleasure to work with and delivers with the ease and professionalism of a tenured entrepreneur. Highly recommended.
Meera said…
An amazing and delicious cake!!!! It's more a piece of great artwork than a mere cake. Having known Sonali for several years now, there is so much love, dedication, and passion gone into her baking. To top it all, she has such a big heart to donate all her proceeds towards charity. I am sure she will be an inspiration for other youth.
Thank you, Sonali!
Irene Venkatesh said…
Sonali did an amazing job. We asked for a character cake and asked her to do something simple. Instead we received an intricate cake with a lot of detail and hard work. We were so impressed- everyone at the party was in awe of how she executed her design. The cake was delicious- moist and not too sweet. Everything was edible. There were no left overs. Thank you so much.
Vineeta Mishra said…
Sonali made a very creative and beautiful cake for my son's first teen birthday! It was a customized Fortnite cake and the details n finesse were stunning! I am super impressed with Sonali's professionalism, considering she is a high schooler and has a busy schedule with studies. I learnt later that she made the cake a day before her SAT exam to fulfill her commitment to get this ready on time. I am confident that any school will be lucky to have a brilliant student like Sonali! Sonali donates the profits from cake making towards her non-profit. Thank you Sonali!!
Anonymous said…
I asked for a heart shaped chocolate cake for Valentine's Day with any design. We were completely amazed with a cute heart shaped basket cake with overflowing roses! The chocolate cake was delicious, and my family was in awe of the beautiful design and perfect implementation of the cake. Thanks so much for making our Valentine's Day so special!
Hannah said…
This is the best cake I’ve ever had. No, I’m not exaggerating, and yes, I’ve had cake before. In fact, I consider myself somewhat of a cake connoisseur; you name a cake, I’ve probably tried it. There are no words to describe how amazing Sonali’s cake was, but if I had to choose some they would be “awe-inspiring,” “mouthwatering” and “literal perfection.”

Sonali gave me one of the red velvet mini heart cakes as a gift for Valentine’s day, and it is truly the most thoughtful thing I’ve ever received. The time and effort she put into it were clear, significantly more than the amount of time I spent eating it (if you must know, it was gone in one day). I told myself I would just eat the mini cake to start, but it was the most heavenly thing I’d ever tasted, and I couldn’t stop there. Even writing this review is making me crave just one more bite of the creamy, tangy frosting and rich, moist* red velvet cake.

*I know everyone hates this word but it’s the perfect way to describe the cake. Possible synonyms include: Velvety? Spongy? Luscious? Pure happiness in the form of dessert?

I made the mistake of letting my family try a bite, and when they inevitably came back begging for more, I had to guard the remaining slice with my life. And these are people who usually prefer fruit for dessert. No. Fruit is not dessert. Cake is.

But none of that says anything about how gorgeous the actual cake was. I legitimately cried at least once over how pretty it looked. The frosting was topped with a golden chocolate heart, flecks of gold and pink, and edible flower petals. It looked like something I would see on Zumbo’s just desserts (I can just picture it now. The music is building. Zumbo and Rachael take a bite. The cameras dramatically cut back to Sonali. For a second, everything is quiet. Then Zumbo begins to speak in his beautiful Australian accent. “Sonali. This cake is incredible. The tang of the frosting compliments the sweet of the cake, and the textures are just magnificent. And this plating too, amazing. Fantastic job!” The music swells and Sonali responds humbly “thank you so much.” But Zumbo isn’t done. “No Sonali, thank YOU.”) Clearly I’ve watched too many baking shows, but you get the point.

And finally, to anyone who’s gotten to the bottom of this extremely long review, here’s why you should buy a cake from Sonali.

1. They’re delicious and beautiful and you deserve a cake.

Not a special occasion? Who cares! Today (2/23/22) is national pink shirt day in Canada, and I am seriously considering asking Sonali to make me a cake to celebrate the occasion. You work hard, and you deserve to kick back with a stunning and delectable homemade cake honoring whatever holiday you want. By the way, happy pink shirt day Canadians!

2. Sonali is an amazing, generous, reliable, hardworking, talented HIGH SCHOOLER.

Yep. I’m impressed. You’re impressed. We’re all impressed. Somehow in between studying, homework, and attending school six and a half hours a day, Sonali finds time to make these exquisite cakes. And she is the most dedicated, diligent person I have ever met. Her cakes are such high quality because she spends days preparing and creating each one, and she has spent years practicing. The first cake she posted was made before she was in third grade. I don’t know about you, but in third grade my biggest accomplishment was making a maraca out of lentils and a toilet paper tube. But not only is Sonali a talented, hardworking genius, she is also a genuinely good person who makes the world around her a better place. She donates all the money she gets makes from cakes to charities, and because that’s somehow not enough, she also makes cakes for charity. I can say from the bottom of my heart I’ve never met a better person or a better baker.

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