Pinterest Frog Cake

I have seen these really simplistic yet beautiful frog cakes all over Pinterest and wanted to give it a try. 

This frog cake is a great way to bring attention to the decline in the frog population. One of the primary causes for this downward trend is due to human activity such as urbanization, industrialization, tourism, mining, oil gas drilling, etc. There are many potential consequences would happen if there were no more frogs. For example, disease outbreaks would be inevitable as mosquito populations would rocket, there would be a lack of nutrients for vegetation if there were a lot of insects living off trees, the food chain would be disrupted, and water in many ecosystems would no longer stay clean if there weren't any tadpoles to feed on the algae. 

A few ways you can help save the frogs are by expressing your concern to local, provincial, and federal government representatives; promoting the initiation of captive breeding and national parks; and funding conservation proposals by biologists, evolutionists, and pathologists. 

Source/More information: Save the Frogs (



Ashley said…
Cute cake!
Sheela said…
Love the colors and the cake