Mirror Glaze Cake

For my brother's 20th birthday, I tried to make a vegan mirror glaze chocolate mousse cake for the first time. The mirror glaze ended up getting thicker than I had hoped which is why it didn't blend so well at the top and was difficult to work with so I know for next time, pour it sooner before it has a chance to cool down a lot. This cake was really last minute so I hadn't planned any decorations for the top. I ended up painting a few chocolates with edible gold paint to match the candles we had. However, I still think it turned out really well and I love its reflective surface and marble effect!


Camy said…
I can see a nice reflection of candle on the cake in the picture.
Did not know a vegan glaze would turn out so shiny and reflective.
Nivi said…
Really like the marbling effect on the top. Colors came out really well!
Karend said…
So cool!