Vegetable Garden Cake

This vegetable garden cake (feeding about 100 people) was made for an event promoting sustainable living practices. The cake was chocolate and covered in a coffee chocolate buttercream. The "dirt" was crushed Oreo cookie crumbs, sprinkled on the 4 corners of the cake. The mini vegetables on top of the Oreo crumbs were molded from colored fondant and brushed with cocoa powder to look more realistic. The fountain was also made from fondant, and the "grass" was green sprinkles. Lastly, the fence covering the sides of the cake was cut Pocky.

Growing a vegetable garden has several benefits. Personal benefits include access to organically grown food, freshly harvested vegetables, reduced costs, and an increased nutrient intake. Beyond personal benefits, growing a garden is also great for the environment -- carbon emissions from transportation to grocery stores and plastic packaging are avoided. 


Benefit your health and environment by growing your own vegetables: University of Illinois Extension

The Main Health Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables - The Healthy Voyager


Esha said…
Love the details on the cake!
Ana said…
So creative!

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